An International Research Program;
An International Movement

The MSL is  an international research program  focused on understanding the influences of higher education in shaping  socially responsible leadership capacity & other leadership related outcomes  (e.g., efficacy, cognitive skills, resiliency).
Beyond a research program, the MSL is  an international movement  toward more effective,  evidence-based  college student leadership development.


Campus Spotlight Series

quotesBecause of MSL, we have a better understanding of issues in leadership on our campus. We can focus on specific areas for improvement and see if our interventions are working. We heard about MSL in a conference at Texas A&M and have made several presentations around the country. Thanks to the data, we are making progress in our leadership efforts.“

Team Spotlight

John Dugan
John currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Higher Education graduate program at Loyola University Chicago where he teaches courses on leadership, student development theory, and multiculturalism for social justice. John’s research interests focus on the influences of higher education in shaping college students’ involvement and leadership development with a specific emphasis on marginalized voices and ideas.

Recent News

The MSL research team is happy to share that enrollment for the 2015 cycle of the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership has reached 50 percent of its total capacity! This exciting milestone comes more than a month away from the study’s early enrollment deadline on July 31, 2014.  Congratulations and welcome to our first 50 schools: […]
The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership will partner with the City University of New York (CUNY) System in 2015 to launch a coalition aimed at examining and advancing socially responsible leadership capacity across six participating CUNY institutions.  Participating colleges include: Borough of Manhattan Community College John Jay College of Criminal Justice Kingsborough Community College Lehman College […]
Enrollment for the 2015 cycle of the MSL opened on March 10, 2014, and we are happy to welcome the first 11 schools registered to participate: The College of William & Mary Elon University Georgetown University Gonzaga University Lehigh University San Jose State University SUNY Brockport Temple University University of Illinois, Urbana University of Maryland, […]
An Examination of Mentoring Relationships and Leadership Capacity in Resident Assistants  Dr. Sherry Early, faculty member in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Ohio University, successfully defended her dissertation on the relationship between mentoring relationships and the development of leadership capacity in resident assistants. The MSL research team is tremendously proud of Dr. Early for […]
Developing the leadership capacity and leader efficacy of college women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Recently, the Journal of Leadership Studies published John Dugan, Kimberly Fath, Shannon Howes, Kathryn Lavelle, and Joshua Polanin’s article that explores the experiences of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields in developing leadership capacity and […]
The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership strives to advance socially responsible leadership development on college campuses across the world. While participation in the MSL contributes to the movement to expand our knowledge of leadership, the most critical outcomes of this work are only achieved when data are utilized to inform practice. Our research team is excited […]
All too often, leadership educators approach race from a simplistic, static lens. In their recently published article, John Dugan, Corinne Kodama, and Matthew Gehardt call for a more complex examination of the intersection of race and leadership development. Using Collective Racial Esteem (CRE) as a framework, they explore predictors and influences of leadership development based […]
Recently, the Journal of College Student Development published John Dugan, Michelle Kusel, & Dawn Simounet’s article that explores transgender students’ experiences in college. With sparse empirical research available on transgender students’ experiences, this research provides new insight into transgender students’ perceptions of and educational outcomes in relation to the collegiate environment. Abstract: We explored transgender students’ perceptions, engagement, […]
In 2009, the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership – Institutional Survey (MSL-IS) was administered to all participating schools.  While the MSL explores student learning outcomes in relation to a broad set of collegiate experiences, the MSL-IS examines structural and programmatic aspects that support student leadership development on college campuses. Examining the Design and Delivery of Collegiate […]
The 2012 MSL Institutional Reports are now posted and available for all US campuses!  Congrats and an enormous thank you to all those who participated and shepherded the project at their institutions! Your investment is greatly appreciated and will help to shape not only students’ experiences on your campus, but the college student leadership as well. We look […]